Best Beginnings Guidance for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Best Beginnings Baby Week

Best Beginnings are a brilliant charity and has lots of information for parents/carers and professionals. They are also the founders of the fantastic Baby Buddy app. They engage, equip, educate and empower parents, from conception, to maximise their children’s life chances. They harness tech and innovation in order to scale our co-created, evidence-based interventions. They work to help parents build knowledge and confidence to support their own well-being and their children’s long-term physical, mental and emotional development. 

Please visit their website for advice and support, plus the latest information and answers to any questions you might have about Covid-19 in relation to pregnancy, labour, birth and the early stages of parenting. 

PARENTS: Best Beginnings have also got information and guidance for parents and parents-to-be. Including tips on breastfeeding, mental health, exercise and more – and our award-winning free Baby Buddy app.

PROFESSIONALS: Best Beginnings evidence-based digital resources are created in partnership with professionals, academics and parents to guarantee the validity, credibility and accessibility of our resources. Learn more and download here.

The Baby Buddy app guides you through your pregnancy and the first 6 months following your baby’s birth. It is designed to help you look after your baby’s mental and physical health, as well as your own, and give your baby the best start in life. Download the app and take Baby Buddy wherever you go and get quality-assured information.

Baby Buddy App